Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.)

Mediation is an alternative way of solving disputes,and is facilitated by a neutral and trusted third party.(i.e.:the Mediator )


Neutral Mediator

A Mediator’s role is to be a neutral entity which supports all parties concerned in reaching a consensus ,thus avoiding the need for costly and lengthy legal proceedings.

The mediator  does not take sides.Instead, he is in charge of the process of helping parties talk to each other,build or improve relationships and finally resolve their dispute.


Confidential Process

The compulsory confidentiality of the process provides parties with piece of find as they negotiate the terms of the solution.


Volunteer Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process ,meaning that at any time,the parties can stop the process and still go to court.


Court’s Approval

If both parties reach an agreed settlement, signed by an accredited mediator, it can be approved by a judge and take the same legal strength as a Court decision.