Alexandre Martens

Alexandre Martens is a member of CEPANI,the Belgian centre for arbitration and mediation.

He is certified by the Belgian Federal Commission of Mediation and has over 35 years of international business experience across Europe,Africa and the Middle East.

During his career as a senior manager and then CEO of several service industry and logistics companies,Mediation was always a major component of his work.Indeed,Alexandre holds a firm belief  that unsolved disputes are counterproductive and negatively impact the bottom-line for all parties concerned.

His mediations took place between the shareholders and board members but also spent significant time and effort working with labour unions and upper management.

Mediation was also the preferred alternative to resolving disputes with suppliers and sub-contractors alike.

The purpose was always to get from No to Yes, while avoiding litigation and ensuring each party could keep running their business(es ) without too many disruptions or inconveniences.


Jean-Marc’s career has been, and continues, to be focused on international and European cooperation. For the last twenty years, he has supported projects and programs for territorial, cross-border and interregional development.

He has also worked as an expert and administrator with the European Union. This experience led him to interact with a variety of institutional and civil society actors, where he put his listening, dialoguing and collaboration skills to task in order to facilitate management of administrative processes leading to political decisions.

In this context, he continues to be recognized for his pragmatic approach, which allows him to foster the development and completion of complex projects and “dossiers”.

In keeping with his humanist values, mediation enables Jean-Marc to best serve stakeholders, by facilitating dialogue and encouraging parties to find creative new solutions to their issues.

Jean-Marc holds a bachelor’s in Public and International Affairs from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), a graduate degree (DEA) in European Politics from the University of Liege (Ulg), and a certificate in Civil and Commercial Mediation from HEC-Ulg. Jean-Marc is also certified by the Belgian Federal Commission for Mediation (SPF Justice) and a member of the Institute of Mediation in the Francophone Area (IMEF).